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May 27, 2022
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I'll start off by saying more and more car shoppers look forward online before heading to a particular dealer. Car buying is miserable normally. But I have a no nonsense attitude about it. Taylor ford really did a great job and I'm really impressed. It's been years since I've had an experience in a domestic non luxury dealership, and I'm really impressed. While looking for a very specific vehicle online I found many matches at dealers all over the metro area, but when I called to see if they had it every single time it was a no, until I called Taylor ford. The phone system seemed kind of silly when I called as I selected used cars then had to ask again when the girl answered. But I reached mark Taylor, I quickly explained I am looking at a car it says that he has and want to know if it's actually available. He checked and said yes. I asked if it was a good idea to fill out a credit application he said yes. I said I'll do that now and be there in 30minutes. I'm sure salespeople hear that all the time people coming then bail... I headed over to the dealer and upon pulling in the vehicle I inquired about was backed in the first parking spot next to the door and had a dealer plate on it ready to go. I really was expecting the usual sit down talk about this and that have to wait to get it ready etc. I was stunned! I was greeted immediatly by mark (probably best desk in the place sitting next to the door) he immediatly introduced himself, asked me for my id made a copy and we talked for a minute about why I need a certain vehicle and my finance limitations. He then handed me the keys and said go take it for a ride or whatever it's got a plate and gas for you. I said I'd be gone for about an hour to show to my wife at home and he said fine see you later. He never insisted he take me out first or take a certain route or anything. This really made me feel good. He wasn't wasting my time and I wasn't interested in wasting his. When I returned I was again immediatly greeted by mark, and asked how I liked it and if the wife approved, she actually did. I told him about my financial issues and that I had no interest in putting any money down and wanted to complete the deal ASAP. He told me to take a seat or walk around for a bit and he'd see what he could do. I got a cup of water (some complimentary snacks and maybe soda not in a vending machine would be nice) and took a walk outside to see what else they had on the lot, while doing so I really felt good about the vehicle I had chosen. Not more than 5minutes had passed and mark found me outside showed me some preliminary numbers, we agreed that those would be acceptable. He asked to give him a few more minutes, so I headed inside and took a seat. A few minutes later he asked me to sit down with finance "wizard" Cindy. I've bought many cars and dread this part the most. I made it clear to Cindy maybe too soon that I'm a no nonsense guy and she got it. We had a great time talking about many things. She managed to get me approved by a big bank with a good interest rate, with a warranty and no money down for less than the preliminary figuring showed. I really couldn't believe it! Since I was using a consigner she needed to be present I explained it was getting late and I'd need to bring her the next day. I didn't get the usual well it's only 4 can't we finish this today spiel. Again I was stunned. We agreed on a 3pm delivery on Thursday. I left happy and excited, something I hadn't experienced at a car dealer since the first test drive I had in a new car 13 years ago. Thursday came we had to bump our delivery back a little as we were running a little late. When we arrived again we were quickly greeted by mark and he went and let Cindy know we were there. She was finishing another delivery so we had to wait a few minutes but nothing crazy. He took us to Cindy and she greeted my cosigner and myself and we had lots of laughing and talking. My cosigner really felt included and really liked


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How to Write a Car Dealer Review
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