2016 new car Models

August 31, 2022
2016 NEW CAR MODELS vumandas

lincoln continental concept new york auto showKevin Hagen/Getty Images

Acura NSX

Acura desperately needs the new NSX sports car. Having lacked a true halo model for a decade, following the cancellation of the first-generation NSX, this upscale brand from Honda has struggled with how best to communicate what Acura means and why Americans should pay more for a car or SUV wearing its silver caliper emblems.

Nick Kurczewski

The Acura NSX is hybrid-powered and has all-wheel-drive fitted as standard.


The high-tech cabin is fitting, given that the NSX is at the cutting edge of design and powertrain engineering.

Nick Kurczewski

Acura desperately needs the image boost that a sports car like the NSX can deliver.

Representative of the meticulous engineering that goes into every Acura, and as worn on the new NSX, those calipers signal the most sophisticated vehicle the brand has ever built, a twin-turbocharged, sport-hybrid, all-wheel-drive sports car wrapped in aluminum, carbon-fiber, and high-strength steel. Starting in 2016, the NSX once again defines Acura.

Cadillac CT6

Based on what people actually buy, Cadillac is now a purveyor of SUVs, not luxury sedans. While the ATS and CTS are dynamic automobiles, and the overpriced ELR nevertheless provides an innovative alternative to traditional expressions of luxury, it is Escalade and SRX that sell in the greatest quantities.

Brian Leon

The 2016 Cadillac CT6 made its official global debut earlier this year, during the 2015 New York Auto Show.

Brian leon

The CT6 is going to reside at the top of the Cadillac range.

General Motors

Cadillac has paid extra attention to getting the interior layout and finish spot-on in the upcoming CT6.

Cadillac pivots with the new CT6. This luxury sports sedan introduces the company’s new naming convention for cars, refines Cadillac’s design language, debuts new powertrains (including a plug-in hybrid), and serves as the automaker’s first credible flagship car in decades.

acura nsx front at new york auto show Every aspect of the interior was designed around the driver, from the increased outward visibility to the sensible and easy-to-operate drivetrain controls. Acura finally dropped the sheet on its all-new NSX supercar, which should offer Ferrari performance for a reasonable price, just like the original. 2016 cadillac ct6 at new york auto show

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