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July 22, 2021
FREE Pennsylvania DOT Practice

Are you preparing to take your commercial driver’s license (CDL) exam? Then now is the time for a CDL practice exam! In addition to studying, one of the best ways to prepare yourself is by practicing with tests that simulate the real written exam for your state. Simply choose your state from the drop down menu above and you’ll be provided with an exam closely based on your state’s commercial driver’s license manual, state and federal laws, and practice questions provided by the state if they were available.

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How Is The CDL Practice Test Structured?

We’ve written our questions to closely simulate the type of language you’ll need to be familiar with on your real examination. Each test has 50 multiple choice questions – the format you’ll find on your state’s CDL exam. As you answer a question, you’ll see that there is a hint available, as well as an explanation that is carefully written to help you become more familiar with the subject matter in the question. The goal is to allow you to answer questions on each topic correctly in the future, even if a future question is worded a bit differently. Make sure you read each explanation, as they include information straight from your state’s study manual and DMV/DOT website.

What Topics Are Covered?

This practice exam will cover a wide range of topics that you’ll need to know to pass your CDL written exam, including but not limited to safe backing, braking techniques, special road and weather conditions, drunk driving laws, aggressive and distracted drivers, emergency preparedness, carrying cargo safely, and other safe driving information.

How Many Times Should I Take It?

We recommend that you take the test often, until you are fully comfortable with the subject matter and you receive a high enough score to feel at ease about your real upcoming exam. A passing score will bring you another step closer to being prepared for your CDL exam, so practice as many times as you’d like. Good luck now and during your CDL test, and remember to drive safely!


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DOT Drug Testing Truck Drivers, Bus Drivers Denver
DOT Tests Digital Drivers License
DOT Tests Digital Drivers License
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