Review for Drivers test

June 6, 2022
Driving Test Review

Being ill-prepared or making choices about the night before that could negatively impact you on test day could mean failing the test. Reports indicate that as many as 43% of applicants fail their permit test the first time through. To avoid being in this group, use some good planning and decision making the night before your testing day and you will be able to avoid having to take either the permit test or the road test a second time.

DON’T Neglect a Last Minute Study Session!

It should go without saying, but this is a good time to review your manual and any notes you have taken. While you don’t want to over think it or end up staying up too late to look over your driving materials, you should certainly be doing some last minute reviewing. In fact, this is a good time to determine whether or not you are ready to take the test. If you are finding this last chance study session has you realizing there is still a lot of information you didn’t know, it might be time to consider taking your test on a different day.

By the way, you should certainly be reviewing the manual even if you are taking the driving road test the following day. This will help refresh your memory to the correct driving procedures that could get you passed or failed while in the car. If you are taking the driving test the next day, make sure you spend some time the night before your test practice driving, too.

DON’T Stay Up Late!

Even if you plan to stay up to get some last minute studying done, staying up too late will make you groggy the next day. Without a good night’s sleep, you may not be able to think clearly enough the next day and be unable to focus on the tests. For the permit test (a.k.a. written DMV test), this could mean forgetting things you know. For the driving road test, a lack of sleep could result in not just poor driving but dangerous driving. You could simply oversleep and miss your exam completely.

DON’T Celebrate Your Upcoming Test Day by Partying!

Sure, you may be excited about the pending test and feel super confident you will pass and, therefore, feel a celebration is in order. If this means drinking, taking drugs or staying up and out late, you will definitely want to rethink that plan. Aside from the fact that drugs are illegal, any of the factors could make you useless the following morning and incapable of taking the test. And if you combine any two or three of these bad choices, you are sure to be a fail instead of a pass.

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