How to sign up for Drivers test?

September 30, 2022
Minnesota DMV FAQ: MN DMV Tips

Please carefully read the requirements below to ensure that your visit is as fast and efficient as possible.

The location the you have chosen offers driving tests for non-commercial vehicles (Class C licenses) only, NOT for commercial drivers.

Who can schedule a driving test online?

    A teenager who has held a valid Texas learner license for six months and is at least 16 years of age OR An adult who has:

Already applied for a driver license AND Has passed the knowledge test.

If you do not fall into one of these categories, please visit a driver license office to schedule a driving test appointment.

An applicant for a minor’s restricted driver license (hardship license) cannot schedule a driving test online. He or she must schedule the test in an office.

Preparing for your driving test

Your Texas learner license or Texas driver license with B restriction; The driving test fee ( or the payment receipt if you have already paid. (Note: payment is good for only 90 days - date of expiration is listed on the payment receipt. You will be required to make payment again after expiration.);

Texas Driver Education Certificate (DE-964) from a certified driving school;

Parent Taught Driver Education Affidavit (DL-90B) and driving logs (classroom log and behind-the-wheel log); OR Adult Driver Education Certificate (ADE-1317);

If you are younger than 25, proof of driver education. Depending on the type of class you took, you will need one of these documents: If you are under 18, a Verification of Enrollment (VOE) form, high school diploma or GED; Proof of current liability insurance (in paper format – proof via smart phone will not be accepted) for the vehicle to be used for the road test; AND

Current registration sticker; Current inspection sticker (not required if you are borrowing the vehicle and it is properly registered in a state that does not require a sticker); Two license plates with the front plate attached to the bumper (not required if you are borrowing the vehicle and it is properly registered in a state that does not require two plates); No unusual mechanical issues (such as having doors that do not open from inside or outside the vehicle – this will result in failure of the vehicle inspection); AND


If you use a rental vehicle for the test, the person taking the driving test must be listed on the rental agreement as an authorized driver. You must show proof that the rental vehicle is covered by liability insurance either by accepting the liability damage waiver when you rent the vehicle or by showing proof that your personal auto liability insurance covers rental vehicles. NO additional passengers (this includes infants, children, family members and / or friends) will be allowed in the vehicle during the driving test.

    An appointment must be scheduled using the customer's Texas driver license number or learner license number or it will be canceled without notice. A customer may only schedule one appointment. A driving school may not schedule the appointment for the customer. Duplicate appointments will be canceled without notice. At any time, you may reply with “C” to cancel your appointment. If you did not provide a cell phone number for the appointment, please contact DPS at (512) 424-2600.

A vehicle for the road test that meets all of these requirements:

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