Road test booking Calgary

August 20, 2016
Renewal Reminders

All of our road testing availability can be accessed online.

To book a Calgary road testing appointment or to check road testing availability please click here.
All online road testing appointments are scheduled through

Alberta Road testing for Class 5 basic and Class 5 advanced will begin at Southland Registrations Ltd. in Calgary.

If you cannot provide a vehicle for your road test, Southland Registrations Ltd. can offer you a rental vehicle for road testing purposes only. This vehicle is also available during the road test booking process when booking your road test online through

During cases of extreme weather conditions, your road test could be cancelled. Only the driver examiner you are road testing with can make that determination. Once a decision is made to stop all road testing appointments for the day, you will be notified by the driver examiner or staff at Southland Registrations Ltd.

If you’ve booked your Calgary road test online, please arrive at Southland Registrations 15-20 minutes before your road testing appointment. This will allow time for our staff to check your eligibility.
After your road test eligibility is checked, you will be provided with a road test permit.
Your test can not begin without the road testing permit.

It is not necessary to make an extra trip just to obtain your road test permit.
When you arrive at Southland Registrations please do not take a number - go to the next available clerk and tell them you have a road testing appointment scheduled.

All individuals that have a road test scheduled have priority to ensure that you’re on time for your road test.


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