Driving test

September 19, 2022
After the DSA driving test
Number of questions: 46
Answer correctly to pass: 39
Passing score: 85%

Presenting our all new 2016 California DMV Permit Practice Test! The test below contains 40 of the most essential multiple-choice questions (both road signs and road rules are covered) that will help you prepare for the CA DMV Permit Test and California Driver’s License Exam. Designed specifically for the California DMV, this permit practice test features targeted questions directly from the California DMV manual and will make your permit test preparation a pleasure! To help you remember the concepts, we have included a hint for every single practice test question – use it whenever you’re not sure about the answer to get additional information about the question. Please note that there will be no hints during the real Permit Test at your local CA DMV office. Also, if you choose the wrong answer, we’ll not only display the correct one, but we’ll also show you an explanation – so that next time you don’t make the same mistake again!
Prepare for your DMV Permit Test online for free with driving-tests.org! No registration is necessary. We will even give you a special button after you finish, so that you can share your score with your friends on Facebook or Twitter! Good luck with the test!

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Source: driving-tests.org

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