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September 6, 2022
Car Reviews & Ratings
  • HyreCar rents your car out to ridesharing drivers which means no tedious listing management. When one of our drivers rents a car out through the HyreCar market place they are looking for long term rentals. Long term rentals means less time managing your listing and more time collecting money.
  • HyreCar only takes 15% fee’s from car owners. That’s 10% less than our competitors. Less fee’s means more money for car owners.
  • A much safer rental experience. Our drivers drive for a living. They are professional drivers that can’t risk driving recklessly.

HyreCar makes you more money. Simple. As. That. In today’s post we interviewed 3 car owners to see how their experience has been.

Lee Thompson – A car rental dealership finds new hope

Renting his car out for $39/day

About 6 months ago, Lee Thompson (a former NFL player) and Barry Adams, set out to find a solution to a business problem they were having. Barry owns an auto dealership. For years Barry has been growing increasingly frustrated by the ever growing number of cars sitting on his lot every day. Barry called up Lee to discuss the potential of renting to ridesharing drivers, to see if it was even a possibility.

Lee reports that business in Georgia stalled last year and Barry had many cars languishing on the lot. Shortly thereafter, they found an article about Hyrecar in The Wall Street Journal, did due diligence and realized that the founders of Hyrecar were seriously onto something.“This is just the tip of iceberg”, says Lee, “and I don’t think we’ve seen rest of iceberg yet.” He likes Hyrecar because he is now able to rent their cars to “challenged” purchasers. There are many drivers who are completely qualified to drive for Uber but don’t own a car and cannot afford to buy one. As business partners, Lee and Barry tested out one car with the Hyrecar platform, and before the end of the year they plan on putting an additional 30-40 cars on the road.

The most influential factor for Lee and Barry in choosing Hyrecar as their rental vendor is ease-of-use when it comes to automatically generating insurance. Before Hyrecar, there was a “Catch-22” from a fleet standpoint which required them to pay the insurance. For credit-challenged consumers seeking to purchase a car, Hyrecar offers a perfect solution.

In Lee’s opinion, the simple layout of Hyrecar’s online bookkeeping system is an added bonus — it’s very easy to see where your cars are and who is driving them. According to Lee, the vertical that Hyrecar has expanded is something that is going to be a big part of the future of car buying and the credit assistance business. Thanks to Hyrecar, Lee and Barry will soon be opening — “Georgia Livery” and want to run “Nashville Livery” via Hyrecar out of Nashville in January.

Andras – A small business owner

Renting his car out for /day

Small business owner Andras from Los Angeles, CA, has been been a Hyrecar user since July 2015, and has multiple cars listed on our platform. Andras is so happy with the additional income he has been making from HyreCar that he has told us that As Hyrecar grows and continues to improve and streamline services, he plans on buying additional vehicles to supply the the massive demand in our market place.

Joseph Furnari – Paying for his new car with HyreCar

Joseph Furnari, VP of Portfolio Management with The Palisades Group, is no stranger to loss mitigation. Joseph has been renting through Hyrecar since September 2015, and has now had his car rented out for every single day in the past 3 months. Joseph uses Hyrecar to cover his Prius C car payments and personal insurance.

“I walk to work and my wife works from home. We owned two cars and they were just sitting in our garage collecting dust. I started to look for ways to supplement our income after my daughter was born. Our Prius C was the obvious choice for Uber drivers. I originally posted a couple of ads on Craigslist, but after walking through the process with Uber I realized that my personal insurance wouldn’t cover the drivers. So I did a Google search under “rent my car to Uber drivers.” My hope was that there was a service that would connect drivers to owners and provide insurance. Sure enough, Hyrecar was on the first search page.” – Joseph Furnari – Santa Monica, CA.

Uber revolutionized the taxi industry by allowing anyone to become an entrepreneur (a taxi driver) and solve the ubiquitous problem of avoiding unethical and/or unpleasant cab drivers. Hyrecar hopes to build on the foundation Uber created by making cars more accessible to the regular Joe who can’t quite afford his own car yet, or chooses not to deal with the staggering cost of insurance. If you have ever experienced that sinking feeling that comes from losing money via the depreciating assets sitting in your lot or driveway, turn the tables and convert them into investments. Be your own entrepreneur, and help Hyrecar supply the demand.

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Source: hyrecar.com

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