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April 12, 2019
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Good news is that my wife and I bought a good certified pre-owned car for a good price. Bad news as follows: Day one: My wife and I show up to look at a specific car that we found online and asked to see it. The car was listed for sale but we were told right away that the car was not ready for sale because it hadn't been cleaned yet. As we looked through it, we found dog hair all over the back and garbage in the center console. No problem, the car ran well and looked mechanically sound. We told the salesman that we weren't ready to buy that day, and didn't have our trade-in vehicle, but we would be back the next day prepared to buy and trade-in. He had the day off so he introduced us to someone who would be there. Day two: We called in the morning to check when the car would be done with cleaning and the rep told us that it would be around 3:30. We went to the dealer then and were assigned a new salesman. Our first concern was that we were rushed through a signature process without any real explanation of what we were signing. After we interrupted and asked, we found out that we signed a form with our trade-in value. We were given a very weird explanation of the trade-in value determination and it sounded made-up. Either way, we liked the car and price so we continued. The salesman checked on the finance department and we were told that they were busy at the moment. An HOUR AND A HALF LATER we were informed that the finance department was too busy and we wouldn't be able to purchase the car. We reluctantly canceled some plans and made an appointment for 5pm the next day. Day three: We show up at 5 and were again told that the finance department was busy. We decided we would take another look at the car. DOG HAIR AND GARBAGE were still in the vehicle. The salesman immediately sent the vehicle back to cleaning and the problems were addressed. We came back in, waited ANOTHER HALF HOUR and finally made it into the finance department. Fortunately, this was the easiest part of the process and we made it out a half hour later. Summary: we got the car we wanted for the best price we could find in the area, HOWEVER the cleaning of the vehicle was handled very poorly and way too much of our time was wasted in the buying process. We're just happy it's all over. I recommend this dealer for the prices but don't expect it to be quick and painless.

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