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April 28, 2020
Honda FCEV Concept at the

English company that creates ultra expensive models of the highest quality in 1:8 scale. High price range of $3, 750 – $5, 500. Focus is on Formula 1 racing models and related road cars. Steering wheels and nose cones, for the current crop of F1 cars, are produced annually. If you can afford it, a collector’s heirloom.

AUTOart offers superior value primarily in 1:18 scale models. Price range is $100 – $200. Non-metallic parts are skilfully used to hold prices down. Fit, finish and detail are invariably excellent. 1:12 scale: Price: $500 – $600. These large scale diecast models are meticulously made and very desirable.

This Italian company has always worked closely with Ferrari. In 1:18 scale models, price range is $325 – $350. Highly recommended.

Brilliant collaboration between Germany and Japan; CMC models are synonymous with accurate reproduction based on: exhaustive research; obsessive attention to detail; precision manufacturing and superb finish.

1:18 scale model cars. Price: $ 280 – $360. The yardstick by which all other 1:18 scale model cars are judged.

1:24 scale model cars. CMC no longer issues new models in 1:24, although some are still available on Legacy Motors.

1:12 scale model cars. Price $2, 300 – $2, 560. These are peerless museum quality models.

Highly prized by collectors of 1:24 scale model cars for their inventive selection of subjects and renowned for their virtuoso detail. Primarily American cars from the 1920’s to the present time.

1:24 scale model cars. Price $130- $200. 1:12 scale model cars. Price: $800. Usually only a single 1:12 model is offered at any given time.

After decades of popular model-making, Ertl quit making 1:18 scale cars, so originally issued Ertl models are worth more. The molds were leased to AutoWorld who is remaking some of the original. Having stockpiled original Ertl diecast models, Legacy Motors still offers a selection of the original Ertl models. 1:18 scale model cars and trucks. Price: $50 – $80.

No company did more to popularize the diecast collectible hobby in the eighties and nineties. Specializing in 1:24 scale model cars, the Mint models span an extensive and adventurous selection of American and European cars. Especially strong in Corvettes. Note that Franklin Mint’s more recent issues are much more limited edition and they are not reproducing older issues. So these diecast models have increased in value. Price: $135 – $145.

One of the reasons 1:18 scale grew to such popularity in model cars. Great detail for the price. Acclaimed by car people for their creativity and fidelity. Focus on muscle cars, European road racing, dragsters and hot rod scale models. Excellent finishing and good shut lines.

1:18 scale model cars. Price: $120 – $150. For their Masterpiece editions: $290.

1:12 scale model cars. Price: $500. Highly detailed models of iconic road and race cars offer excellent value for money. GMP also makes: 1:24 scale model cars; 1:6 scale dashboards; scale figurines and lots of other stuff that makes the hobby so much fun.

Highway 61 specializes in scale model muscle cars, trucks and pick-ups, and mid Twentieth Century American models – with occasional interesting and welcome diversions (like a series of Dry Lakes Model A racers scale models.)

1:18 scale model cars. Price: $70 – $120. Primarily muscle cars and a few classics and lake racers. Lots of diecast metal, yeoman like level of detail, reliably good value for money.


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