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April 8, 2021
Consumer Reports: Seattle-area

Here's a quick-reference guide to all of Consumer Reports' Ratings, from testing and safety scores to reliability and owner-satisfaction information. These ratings lists let you see how a model compares with its competitors in various attributes, so that you can more easily choose the right vehicle for you.

Overall Score
This is a comprehensive score that incorporates road-test performance, predicted reliability,
owner satisfaction, and safety. A range of numbers signifies that multiple versions of the vehicle or powertrains were tested.

Road-Test Score
This score shows how the vehicle performed in our 50 objective and subjective tests.
A range of numbers means we tested multiple powertrains or versions.

These are vehicles that meet Consumer Reports' stringent testing, reliability, and safety standards. To earn our recommendation, noted with vehicles must perform well in our testing, have average or better reliability; and performed adequately, if crash tested. In addition, pickups and SUVs must not have tipped up in the government's rollover test.

Vehicles are listed by category, so that you can easily see how they compare with competitive models.

Our guide to new-car Ratings and reviews help you interpret the information in our exclusive new-car profiles/model overviews.

Consumer Reports' predicted reliability ratings indicate how the vehicles that are currently on sale are likely to hold up.

This includes all of the models that showed either above-average or below-average reliability in our latest subscriber survey.

These are detailed reliability ratings that show the individual strengths and weaknesses of 2006 through 2015 models. Separate ratings are provided for each model in 17 trouble areas, as well as an overall reliability, the Used Car Verdict.


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