Arizona Driver license test questions Answers

March 9, 2022
FREE Arizona DMV Permit

You have to be at least 15 years and 6 months of age to apply for your Arizona driver's license. You may be issued a graduated and/or a motorcycle instruction permit. You must be at least 18 years old for an operator permit. If you are under 18, your application for an instruction permit or driver license must be signed by at least one adult. The adult will be responsible for any negligence or willful misconduct when you are driving.

Arizona MVD Written Knowledge Test

The written test for a regular driver license consists of 30 multiple-choice questions, answer at least 24 correctly to pass. You take the test at a computer work station using a touch screen (audio assist is available). Questions are set based on the Arizona Driver License Manual.

Classes of Licenses

Licenses are issued by "class": Class G (graduated), Class D (operator), Class M (motorcycle) and Class A, B, C (commercial). If the Class M license is combined with any other class of license, it will be added as an "endorsement" on the back of the current license.

Sample Arizona MVD Written Knowledge Test Questions

1. A school bus is picking up or dropping off children, you must:
A. Stop regardless of your direction of travel
B. Stop if you are driving in the same direction
C. Slow down and be prepared to stop
correct answer is : A

2. If a dust storm is approaching or you encounter one while driving, you should:
A. Be cautious and drive through it, since dust storms usually don’t last very long
B. Slow down, carefully pull completely off the road, turn off your lights, take your foot off the brake and wait until the storm passes
C. Slow down, carefully pull completely off the road, turn on your lights and wait until the storm passes
correct answer is : B

3. The speed limit when approaching a school crossing is:
A. 10 mph
B. 15 mph
C. 25 mph
correct answer is : B

4. You must notify MVD of an address change within:
A. 10 days
B. 30 days
C. 45 days
correct answer is : A

5. Bicyclists:
A. Should ride facing traffic
B. Must stay in the right lane
C. Should follow the same laws as drivers
correct answer is : C

6. When changing lanes:
A. Look over your shoulder to make sure the lane is clear
B. Check the inside rearview mirror
C. Slow down
correct answer is : A

7. When approaching a car from behind at night, lower your high beam headlights when you are within:
A. 500 feet
B. 100 feet
C. 200 feet
correct answer is : C

8. A curb painted red means:
A. Loading zone
B. Reserved for passengers pick up or drop off
C. No parking or stopping
correct answer is : C

9. Unless prohibited by a sign, you may left turn on red:
A. From a two-way road to a one-way road
B. From a one-way road to a one-way road
C. Except in school zones
correct answer is : B

10. Give the right-of-way to any pedestrian who is:
A. In a marked crosswalk
B. In any crosswalk or intersection
C. Crossing any street
correct answer is : C

11. When entering a road from an alley:
A. Stop at the sidewalk
B. Honk the horn
C. The speed limit is 15 mph
correct answer is : A

12. If a fire vehicle is responding to an emergency, you must stay back:
A. At least 200 feet
B. At least 500 feet
C. 3 to 6 seconds
correct answer is : B

13. To know where traffic is behind you:
A. Frequently check your rearview mirror
B. Look out the back window
C. Keep other vehicles out of your blind spots
correct answer is : A

14. Your license can be suspended if you are under 21 and drive with a blood alcohol level of:
A. 0.15% or more
B. 0.08% or more
C. Any amount
correct answer is : C

15. To avoid glare from headlights of an approaching car:
A. Keep looking briefly to the side of the road
B. Stay focused on the center line on the road
C. Flash your high beams
correct answer is : A

16. If you come upon a severe dust storm, you should
A. Slow and pull off the road
B. Turn on your high beams
C. Maintain your speed and don’t change lanes
correct answer is : A

17. Right turn on red is permitted:
A. Only where indicated by a sign
B. Except where prohibited by a sign
C. Only on a divided road
correct answer is : B

18. You are approaching an intersection where the traffic light has changed to yellow:
A. You should proceed with caution
B. You must clear the intersection before the light turns red

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Driving License Test Questions & Answers part 1
Driving License Test Questions & Answers part 1
DMV Drivers License CDL Written Practice Tests Questions
DMV Drivers License CDL Written Practice Tests Questions
CDL Test Questions and Answers- Get Your CDL license.
CDL Test Questions and Answers- Get Your CDL license.
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