Garden City Park road test

September 19, 2022
8 surrey lane garden city ny
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Originally Posted by DawnSells

I think the easiest site is in Garden City, Park. They take you on all side streets and the streets seem extra wide without much traffic.

It's mostly side streets but when I took it there the examiner had me go on 3 of the major streets there, Nassau Blvd, Jericho Turnpike and Herricks Rd.

Some of the streets there are kind of narrow compared to many other Nassau neighborhoods. My nephew failed the test there because the examiner had him do a 3 point turn on a street that was narrower than the ones where he was used to practicing and his wheel touched the curb.

Originally Posted by proudimmigrant

I took my test in Laurelton, Queens because I heard GC is known for failing people on the first attempt.

Not necessarily-of around 10 people I can think of who took the test there, half passed on the 1st attempt, including me.

Originally Posted by supergrlsd

does anyone know the exact address for the garden city road test location? i need to put it on to my gps..

190 Broadway, Garden City Park, NY 11040-this is the address for the gym on the south side of the road

The starting point for the test is Broadway and Thorens, on the north side of Broadway right next to a parking lot


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Originally Posted by gk90

This is the problem and HOW you know someone isn't ready to drive.

This is why they're failed...

It shouldn't matter what the roads width or length or whatever it is, if you can't judge the car for that road YOU CAN'T DRIVE ! ! !

Everything changes all the time and YOU need to know what to do ALL the time, which most don't and that is where everyone has no clue

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Originally Posted by LIMA This is the problem and HOW you know someone isn't ready to drive.

Ordinarily I would agree with you but I can't tell you how many people I know that the last time they parallel parked was for their road test, there are ways to avoid such maneuvers.

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Originally Posted by LIMA

He probably reads this forum

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I'm going to make some popcorn and sit back to watch LIMA vs. Trackwatch. My gut tells me TW should be the favorite by about 7 points.

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Originally Posted by LIMA it wasn't like that, what happened was the po had his sargent or lieutenant with him and supposedly he was upset he had to wait another 8 seconds after the dimwit who was in front of me pulled into an empty inter and went all the way to the other side. . . .
1. That was not going thru a red light and was before the block the box law
2. When we entered she was 1st i was second there was no obstructed box until she went beyond the turn...

What happened was she entered drove all the way to the other crosswalk and waited for the traffic to stop, after the light changed to make the turn, blocking us from going around her because she went to the crosswalk, what i never understood was how the po who was 2nd from the light in the north direction came to the conclusion i was the problem...
Was a bs call on his part.

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1217 - 5115 Garden City Road
1217 - 5115 Garden City Road
Land For Sale: 5484 Garden Park Road Canon City, Colorado
Land For Sale: 5484 Garden Park Road Canon City, Colorado ...
Richmond:Granville Ave,Garden City Road To Minoru Park
Richmond:Granville Ave,Garden City Road To Minoru Park
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